Soul Care on Demand

Have you ever wanted to take Soul Care, but scheduling or distance made it too difficult?  Now is your chance!  Plumbline is proud to offer the entire Soul Care Training on demand!  That’s right; you can now experience the teaching, healing, and growth at your own pace and in your schedule.

Here’s how it works.  You can contact either Anthony Elliott to register for a semester.  You may register for any semester at any time.  All the semesters cost $100 each.  This will allow you access to the videos as well as the class curriculums (PDF download).  With your paid registration, you will be given an access code for that semester.  You may then click on the semester that you signed up for, enter the code, and select the video you wish to watch.  It’s that easy!

While the On Demand Videos are very beneficial, there are some things that can only be experienced on-site.  The on-site experience will give you the ability to participate in class discussions, small group processing, and our book reviews.  Also, you will want to join us on-site if you are interested in pursuing a Plumbline internship.  However, being able to go through the trainging and gain the insights that it brings will be a priceless experience!

Soul Care on Demand
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